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Architecture Community

There is a thriving architecture community in DfE. We meet up monthly, to ‘show and tell’ good things that are happening in architecture. And to hear from wider Government, private sector, relevant suppliers and vendors on new, innovative solutions. And to just chat and share knowledge.

You don’t have to be an architect to join in - we welcome updates from all parts of DfE (if there’s an architecture / design connection). And anyone that’s interested in what we’re doing is very welcome to dive into the conversations.

If you want to get involved or have something to share, drop us a line in the architecture profession.

Communities of Practice

There are several architecture-related Communities of Practice within the DfE, providing opportunities for sharing knowledge, seeking advice and exchanging ideas within a particular domain.

For more information, contact the named community lead below:

Community of Practice Lead architect
Technical Architecture Andy Emley
Architecture in Data Science Pete Holding / Stuart Baillie
Common technology themes Pete Dingwall
Data Architecture Robert Morigi-Eades

Community meet-up

We have a monthly, open-invite meet-up for all architects across DfE and those with an interest in architecture (civil servants and contractors).

The meet-up provides opportunity to discuss and share all things architecture and design, and typically includes:

  • Regular internal and external speakers, sharing their experiences from the front line of architecture
  • Discussing common challenges in architecture, such as technical debt, patterns, roadmaps and strategy
  • Lean coffee discussion, where we propose, vote and talk about any challenges of the day

Hosting of the meet-up and topics is shared by the community and usually rotates round architecture leads.

Collaboration channels

We use DfE Slack and Teams channels to collaborate across the community. Here we share interesting articles, chat about current challenges and ask (lots of) questions - you can usually find out if someone is tackling a similar problem or is hosting a session that you can join.

You can self-join these channels with your DfE account, but please reach out to the architecture profession if you’re struggling.

Useful resources

In addition to our communities, there are a wide range of helpful resources available, for knowledge sharing, seeking advice, exchanging ideas and providing guidance to help you.

Feel free to dive in: